About Banks Pottery

Company History

A family owned company formed in 1972, by Brenda and Audrey Banks. Based in Railway Arches at Catcliffe, between Rotherham and Sheffield (To see map S60 5SR).

Banks Pottery has gained a valuable reputation within South Yorkshire and its surrounding areas as purveyors of great value high quality catering grade crockery and pottery.

In 2002 Nick Banks, and faithful hound Malcolm, began to take over the day to day operations of Banks Pottery as Audrey and Brenda took a more relaxed role as semi retired.

Audrey retired fully in 2005 and Brenda followed suit in 2007.

Louise Rollinson joined the team in 2007, just in time for the worst flooding in living memory to hit South Yorkshire. Banks Pottery is approx 20 metres from the River Rother which breached its banks on the 25th June 2007. We returned to the premises two days later after the flood waters receeded. The floodwaters reached almost 6ft in depth. Banks Pottery was out of action for 2 months. A great effort by many heroic helpers including complete strangers, friends, family and even a troop of boy scouts got us back on our feet. We will always be very grateful to all that helped.

In 2008 Banks Pottery was going from strength to strength especially via the web based business. Banks Pottery began exporting to Spain, Ireland, France and Germany.

Sadly, 2009 brought darker news: Founder Audrey Banks passed away in the spring. Malcolm, the pottery dog, died in late summer.

Young Geoff the canine trainee joined Banks Pottery in the autumn of 2009 and is currently undergoing careful training. We hope he will begin taking phone calls any day soon.

In the Spring of 2011 Banks Pottery went under a major reorganisation and became a division of Ingleby Lodge Ltd, but still trading as Banks Pottery.

Around the same time Emma Pratt came to Banks Pottery to lend a hand sorting queries and getting customers orders out.

Geoff never did make the grade as a telephone operator but with the arrival of naughty Nellie the collie cross in spring 2013 he retired early to play in the garden.

2012 and Banks Pottery celebrates its 40th anniversary. Boy, we've come a long way but still going strong!!

Fast forward to 2016 and the decision was made that it was time for Banks Pottery to become a 21st century institution and that we would go 'Internet Only'. So, after 44 years it was time to leave the premises that Banks Pottery had inhabited for all that time. Its a symptom of our times that there is no need these days to hold stock and have physical premises. Most of our orders these days come through the internet. We are aware that sometimes thats a bit inconvenient as people still like to be able to hold and handle the goods before purchase. Have no fear we have a sample service that enables you to touch before you buy for only a few quid!!

2017 now sees Banks Pottery being run from my home address with Geoff and Nellie sleepily watching from the armchair.


Banks Pottery is the registered trading name of Ingleby Lodge Ltd registered in England and Wales under companynumber 07532362 and is a member of The Federation of Small Businesses

Market Stall - 1987
Brenda in 1987