The crockery and tableware that you serve your menu on is an essential element in creating an exceptional customer experience, but this all important task does not end when your new crockery is delivered.

Having carefully selected each element of your table setting, from plates and dishes, to glasses and cutlery, it is crucial for your waiting staff to be trained on the importance of presentation. They need to understand how your table setting fits into the overall ambience of your restaurant, and how it contributes to the dining experience. Otherwise, your investment in the tableware that you have carefully selected may be wasted if your staff aren’t aware of your vision and the standards you want them to uphold.

61% of diners say a well-presented table positively impacts on the overall dining experience (source: Steelite International)

Here are a few of the essential things you should try to cover when training your staff:

  • How cutlery should be set on the table.
  • How many and what type of glasses should be on the table.
  • Where dishes should be placed when food is served.
  • What to do if something isn’t up to par, for example what should they do if they notice that a plate is chipped or stained?

It is your responsibility to ensure that it is possible for your staff to uphold these standards. For example, if waiting staff can’t find enough cutlery or your kitchen staff are scrambling to find enough plates then consistency may suffer. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry out a regular audit of your tableware, crockery and service items to ensure that you have enough usable stock.

In a busy restaurant environment, even the most durable crockery can get chipped and broken and if you don’t keep on top of replenishing your stock then you may soon find yourself with mismatched table settings that do not resemble your original vision. Of course, training your staff in how to handle, store and wash your tableware will also go a long way to ensuring its longevity.

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