Banks Pottery are thrilled and immensely proud to be taking part in the ‘Bangers & Cash’ event; the UK’s first art banger car rally. This event is raising funds for Roundabout - Sheffield’s youth homeless charity.

Roundabout are an amazing charity that can really help change young lives. They are an agency that can help young people who feel they are no longer welcome at home or who have even left home already. Roundabout can intervene and provide hostel places with the ultimate aim of helping young people into homes of their own. Roundabout have saved many youths from slipping into homelessness with all its associated dangers and perils.

So, the event is where adventurers prepare a car to drive to Monte Carlo from Sheffield via Brussels, Lucerne, Milan and all points in between. The bonnet of each car has been painted by Sheffield artists, with the aim of auctioning these off upon their return to Sheffield.

Driving to Monte Carlo should be pretty simple you say? Hold on, each team could spend no more than £650 on their car, hence banger rally!

When we heard about this event we were immediately hooked!! The chance to raise money for a very worthy cause and to have an adventure at the same time was too good an opportunity to miss. We signed up and started thinking about a suitable vehicle. Something that would stand out!! We scoured the obvious internet sites and nothing much captured our imagination; well the old hearses for sale did but they were way beyond £650!! The only vehicle that we liked was an old taxi. Yes, ideal! They’re spacious, go on forever, diesel powered, what's not to like. So we got in touch with the Sheffield taxi community and eventually (shan’t go into the frustrations here) we were offered a bright pink taxi with 12 months MOT for £650. Deal done. The Pink Torpedo had arrived.


“Let’s fit the interior out as a pub!” said Mr Bailes (one of the intrepid adventurers who happens to work in the drinks business along with James Coupe). “Hell yeah!” we replied. So we put some pumps in and now have cold beer on tap for the run!! Result! 

We would need a team name, something to reflect the fact that we are driving a taxi-pub!! The team members were hopeless at coming up with printable team names but Sarah Banks came to the rescue with the wonderful ‘The Drinks Cab-innit’

Next, we set about transforming the Torpedo - the bonnet was removed and sent to our fab artist ‘Rikki the Punk’ who we knew vaguely from round the Sharrowvale area of Sheffield. Rikki mainly paints the back of leather jackets for the punk crowd and was keen to do our bonnet.

A taxi-pub needs some thought… so 5 minutes later we settled on fitting disco lights and disco ball, beer pumps, wooden bar, carpets and curtains. Horse brasses if possible. 


Under bonnet PA a must. Fancy homemade graphics were applied to advertise the Torp…

Pubs need a sign, so we rigged up a flagpole in the aerial hole so that we could fly our ‘Drinks Cab-innit’ flag -  designed by the famous artist Pete McKee.

After a couple or three weeks or so the bonnet was finished and went to Sheffield’s Winter Gardens to be displayed with the other 20 or so team bonnets for the good people of Sheffield to see.

Meanwhile, we started approaching local businesses and folk to sponsor The Drinks Cab-innit on its epic adventure. Loads of firms and people responded and so far we have raised £3,000 for Roundabout - hopefully with more to come!

The Drinks Cab-innit was unveiled to the public at The Brothers Arms, in Sheffield, on Saturday 8th September as the World’s first and only Taxi-pub. We had Kaltenburg lager and Thatchers Gold cider on tap served in the cab.  A great night was had by all and £250 was raised for the cause.


We are now ready and can’t wait to start the rally. We set off on 21st September for the first leg - Sheffield to Brussels from Meadowhall car park at 8.30am; 2nd leg Brussels to Lucerne (Switzerland); 3rd leg Lucerne to Milan, and lastly crossing the finish line on the Casino Square in Monte Carlo on Monday 24th September. We hope.

What could possibly go wrong??

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PS - Team members are - ‘Butter Boy’ 'Copper Bottom’ and ‘Manhattan Flapjack’ all Taxi related nicknames see if you can find out what they mean…...