Custom Printed Plates and Bowls for Corney and BarrowCorney and Barrow are an independent wine merchants established since 1780 in London. They approached Banks Pottery to produce custom printed crockery, which needed to feature their logo in either real, bright gold or a coloured gold.  The option they chose would depend upon costs and finishes. We provided a quote for each of these custom print options and Corney and Barrow settled upon the bright gold, as the finish is superior to a simple gold colour.

Having decided upon the colour and finish they would like, we organized for samples to be sent to the client - there often is no substitute to seeing and handling the ceramics in real life! The client chose Churchill best ware, including a 25cm classic plate and a 23cm classic soup plate.

We then mocked up the custom plates on the computer, as this makes allows the placement, logo size and even the gold band to be easily adjusted until everyone is satisfied with how the finished crockery will appear.

Once the client agreed upon the size and placement of their logo and band they asked for actual proof pieces to be produced, with the gold logo.  We are always happy to accommodate requests such as this.  Although we charge a set-up fee for all new custom jobs and up to 4 proofs, this cost is then zeroed once the actual production commences, unless major changes occur after the proofs are produced.

We organised the production of the bright gold logos and completed the proofs, which were sent directly to the client for their approval.  C&B loved the quality and finish of the proofs and so the full production run could commence. 

Due to holiday disruption, the turnaround time from full production to dispatch was approximately 3 weeks.  The customer was very happy with the end result and they have since commissioned a set of customized cups and saucers, also in bright gold.

They turned out pretty nice too: