Summer is right around the corner and now’s the time to put the finishing touches to the summer menu for your restaurant, bar or café. Of course, getting your menu right is essential to pulling in a steady stream of customers over the busy summer season, but choosing the right tableware and place settings can make all the difference!

Choosing the right colours for your summer menu

With your summer menu in mind, consider the kind of mood and atmosphere you’d like to create. White crockery is classic and looks fresh and inviting - perfect for lifting the mood even on a rainy summer’s day! Or perhaps you want to create a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere, in which case coloured crockery can really help to draw customers in and make your menu pop.

The tableware you choose should complement your décor and branding so, if you’re thinking about adding an extra pop of colour with your crockery, try to choose complementary colours but don’t be afraid to go bolder and brighter for the summer season.

Consider how best to present your food

Tapas and sharing dishes are always a popular addition to summer menus but, it’s important to give careful consideration to how you will present these dishes to your diners.

Not only should your choice of crockery be aesthetically pleasing, it should be practical too. This can be a delicate balance to achieve so, before you think about serving up your sharing platter on a dustbin lid or a surgical tray (we’re not crazy, we’ve seen both of these examples!), consider whether this is actually practical on the table and whether it really reflects the food you’re serving and the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Sometimes less is more and a simpler option does your food greater justice (and doesn’t take up the entire table, leaving little room for drinks and service items!). Traditional tapas dishes are ideal for adding an authentic Spanish touch to your tapas menu, where as simple presentation boards are a fantastic backdrop for any sharing platter.

Make sure you have enough crockery and it’s still in good condition

Finally, it’s good idea to do a stock check of your crockery before launching your summer menu. Even if you plan to use crockery from last year or you use the same style of tableware all year round, now’s the time to have a count up and make sure you have enough of every item.

You should also do a quality check of your existing stock; crockery takes a lot of hammer in a busy kitchen so chips are a common occurrence. If you find that you just need a small number of dishes / plates / bowls to replace broken items then there’s no need to order full boxes of additional stock as we will ship any quantity, so you can order only what you need.