Nixons Kitchens approached us to produce some custom crockery to promote their kitchen brand. They wanted to use the Porcelite Seasons Graphite ware, which is a dark grey/black range that looks really dramatic.


Nixons wanted to put their logo on in white and to add a green band around the rim of each piece. Usually this would present no problems at all but by applying to a dark range this changes things considerably. The ceramic decals that are used are very thin digital prints so any coloured glazes will have an effect on the colour of the print that is applied. Exactly how much of an effect is difficult to pre-determine.


So, initially we did some computer mock-ups to show how the finished pieces could look:


Custom Printed Plate Mock Up



Doing computer mock-ups is great to give a very good interpretation of how the pieces will turn out - especially good to show the size and placement of the ceramic decals on the pieces.  However, this will not show exactly how the graphite glaze will effect the white of the Nixons logo or the brightness of the green banding.


Nixons decided to have a proof set made up to ascertain the darkening effect of the graphite.*


Two weeks later we were able to despatch the trial pieces to Nixons Kitchens for their approval:


custom printed mug and saucer


 nixons kitchens printed plate sample


As you can see the graphite grey glaze does have an effect on how the colours turn out, compared to the computer mock images.


Unfortunately, the proofs were not what the client wanted so they decided not to proceed to full production. Although Nixons did shoulder some costs, that is much more preferrable than spending £100’s and then being disappointed with the outcome.


*All new custom jobs have a ‘Set Up & Origination Fee’ of £75+vat applied. We charge this fee to do a proof trial piece. If the proof piece goes onto production then this set up fee is not charged again (providing that there are no substantial changes to the job).