One of the latest projects that we have completed was a second set of custom crockery that we produced for a well-known TV political commentator.

Custom printed plate with duchess artwork and green band

We were initially approached by the client in 2013, who was looking for a set of custom-printed crockery for his Spanish villa. He wanted the crockery to incorporate a design that reflected a previous owner; ‘The Duchess,’ as she became known. The client asked if we could reproduce some artwork from a picture of a stone bust of The Duchess that, I presume, was at the villa. We have been asked to produce simple logos for customers before, which we have done, but this seemed somewhat more difficult. We are not artists or graphic designers so I suggested to the client that it would be a better outcome if he liaised with a local artist to produce the design of the Duchess to go on the plates.

Once the design for the plates was submitted, we produced some mock-ups to show the client how the finished plates would appear. These were mostly straightforward as the design was a simple green band around the plates with the design of the Duchess placed in the centre of each piece. The size of the print that would be in the centre was then finalized

Custom printed plate with duchess artwork and wreath designHowever, the largest plate – a 12” classic – was the tricky one. The client wanted a design on the rim, that we called the laurel wreaths, to replace the green band but be much bigger, almost filling the rim, garlanding the central design. These kind of designs are very difficult to get the size right. Initially we were going to do the laurel wreaths as one big transfer, which could be easily applied to the plates, but in the mock-up process it became evident that the slope of the rim would not allow any inaccuracies in the sizing of the print. We worked closely with George Jackson and his team of expert transfer decorators to ensure the wreaths were just right. It was decided that the design needed to be amended slightly so that it could be done in two halves, which could be carefully positioned and eased into place. 

Meanwhile, the choice of base plate was decided; the client wanted the set to be special so Connoisseur Fine Bone China was chosen as it is a very high quality product that takes a ceramic transfer very well.

The whole design project was signed off by the client and George and his team set to work producing the ware. Getting the laurels to sit correctly and look ‘right’ was not easy but all was done to a high quality.

It was then carefully packed and despatched direct to Spain.