According to scientists in Canada, yes it does! Whilst it’s long been said that people ‘eat with their eyes,’ researchers Peter Stewart and Erica Goss have found that serving a dessert on a white round plate can actually make it taste sweeter, more intense and, overall, tastier.

No-one is quite sure exactly how the colour or shape of tableware influences the taste of a dish but, Stewart and Goss think that it’s all to do with the powerful associations people have with specific colours. White, for example, apparently represents purity, brightness and perhaps even cleanliness. The fact that sugar is white, could even be the reason why some people say cheesecake tastes sweeter when served on a white plate!

There’s no doubt that white plates and dishes are one of the most popular styles of crockery used in restaurants throughout the world. Whether they do influence taste or not, clean white plates are often associated with quality and class, and the simplicity really helps make food the focus of the dish. The familiarity could also make diners feel comfortable and avoids the distraction of patterns or quirky shaped crockery that can detract from the food itself.

It’s not just white crockery that works well in restaurants though; Stewart and Goss found that black plates, either square or round in shape, also improve diner’s opinions of food quality and how much they enjoy the dish. Black plates are not suitable for every restaurant, however, so you should always give careful consideration to the individual dish that you’re serving and the overall style of the restaurant. Black crockery is particularly popular in Thai restaurants, for example, as the food is so colourful it really does pop when served on a black plate or dish.

What is clear is that restaurant tableware requires careful consideration! What may seem like a simply choice at first, can become rather complicated when you start to think about your menu, individual dishes and your restaurant’s style. If you find yourself stuck or even overwhelmed by the wide range of choices, why not give Banks Pottery a call and let us do the hard work? We’ve been supplying crockery to restaurants for over 40 years so we understand what works and what it takes to make food really stand out.  Feel free to give us a call on 01709 377040 or email