Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Simply fill your shopping basket as you browse Banks Pottery on line, keep clicking on update button after you have entered how many of each item you require. When you are ready, click checkout and follow the on screen prompts. You will be sent an email once it has been despatched, which is usually the same day. If your order is placed after about 2pm it will go onto the next working days despatch. Should there be a problem with stock or anything relating to your order we shall be in touch.

Alternatively order via:
By phone: 01709377040
By Email:

Are the crockery ranges all white?

Yes, and no.

To clarify, each manufacturer has a slightly different idea of 'white'.

  • Porcelite is perhaps the whitest, brilliant white (I liken the shade to that of a sheet of normal A4 paper)
  • Churchill white is a slightly creamier shade of white, perhaps the white of a bottle of milk.
  • Dudson white is a tone creamier again (more of an ivory white)than the Churchill white, yet many people mix Churchill and Dudson pieces perfectly well.
  • Xtras range of shaped china is a white very very close to Dudson white, almost indistinguishable.
  • Steelite white is a white that again, is very similar to Churchill white.
  • The Pure White and Simply ranges are of a white similar to the Churchill white, not the whitest but a subtle off white.
  • Fine bone china has a subtly different shade of white to the trained eye would have a slight yellow-ish tinge.

Please note that these differences are only noticeable if you put one item next to another.

Are the Porcelite, Simply, Pure White or Fine Bone China ranges seconds?

These ranges are produced overseas and are classed as 'Bestware'. That is, they are selected free from flaws. Being foreign made this also means that they represent very good value for money. Apart from the fine bone china all these ranges are British Standard 4034 accredited to give piece of mind about there durability. Pure White is 'run of kiln' - It does not go through a best/seconds selection process.


Can I get some samples?

We understand that it can be difficult to order stuff without first seeing it first hand. Here at Banks Pottery we can help, use our sample service to make sure you are making the correct purchase. Here's how it works: We are happy to provide up to 5 different free samples of our products. If you require more than 5 samples you will be charged for each item above the first five. All we ask is that you pay a contribution to the carriage costs: - Mainland UK - £6.99 +vat - Scottish Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland and Offshore Islands - £15.49 +vat - Further afield - Call 01709377040 for further information To order your samples please call 01709 377040 click here for further information: Delivery details

Can you deliver outside the UK?

Yes, we can deliver all over the world!! We use DHL, Fed Ex or UPS for this and always try to find the best value carriage rate for you. Please contact us for a quote - - Remember to let us know the item(s) and quantities required, and we shall do the rest!! However, we cannot be held responsible for any breakages that may occur if we have to send outside the UK. We do wrap everything very very carefully (We have some experience of this!!) to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

Do I need to be in the catering trade to purchase?

No, of course not. Neither do you need a membership card or any of that guff. We just expect you to want to purchase good quality, hard wearing crockery but without having to pay huge sums. We supply all kinds of individuals as well as business whether they are involved in catering/hospitality or not. We aim to provide you, the customer, with excellent customer service. We will never use or share your information with anyone else. We do not use telephone 'menu' systems. Talk to a human straightaway with Banks Pottery. 01709377040.

You can set up a user account on our website so you can see what you have ordered previously etc.

Does Banks Pottery have a showroom?

Sadly not. We moved out of our home of 44 years at the start of 2017. We are an Internet only operation now. Don't worry you can still get samples from us before you buy. see our sample service. Naturally, we still aim to give you the best possible service that we can.

How much crockery do I need to order for my new restaurant/cafe?

Its always tricky to decide how much crockery you will need when fitting out a new cafe, restaurant etc. As a guide Banks Pottery has produced this table to help you decide: This is meant purely as a guide. Firstly work out the number of covers that you are potentially going to serve, and what you are going to serve them. Then, using the table multiply the covers number by the number in the appropriate column to work out how much you may need. Remember, its only a guide though.... NEW ITEMS. Use the new starter packs below to get your new cafe/restaurant off the ground.

What are hotelware seconds?

Hotelware is especially toughened crockery with vitrified (harder) glazes that have been designed to withstand continuous and hard use. It is heavier and thicker than home use crockery (although some ranges do lightweight versions). As the factories do production runs of items a percentage of that production will have a flaw or imperfection.(Perhaps the glaze has not gone on very evenly, a speck of dust could have got onto the glaze and shows up as a black spot.) These flaws are often imperceptible in normal use - I guarantee you will have used 2nds without even knowing about it - and thus the factory releases these at a discount rate which we can pass onto you. Unfortunately, due to more efficient production methods, seconds are very limited - We can always ask on your behalf.

We do however, source 'Bestware' at very competitive rates. Contact us for further information. Porcelite, Simply and Pure White are bestware ranges that are very competitively priced in todays market. All these ranges are vitrified for catering use and all are accredited with British Standard 4034 (Which measures the suitability of crockery to be called 'Hotelware') Our range of Fine Bone China is not a Hotelware range so I would think carefully before using it in a high use area such as a busy restaurant. It is not a seconds range either, all pieces have been selected for perfection.

What are your delivery times?

We generally use the UK Mail Courier Network to deliver our consignments. Their coverage is nationwide, and indeed worldwide. Orders taken before 2pm will usually be delivered next day if it is to a UK Mail zone 'A' area. Other areas may well be delivered next day but we do not guarantee it. Please see our delivery details page for further information if you live in Highlands of Scotland, offshore islands, Northern Ireland and the rest of the world. Delivery details page Click Here.

What does 'Box Quantities' mean?

Whilst browsing our site you may notice that we refer to the term 'Box Quantities'. This simply means the number of pieces that are contained in atypical box of that product that leaves the factory. This number differs from different manufacturers. Typically: Churchill cups/mugs - 24 Churchill plates - 24 Churchill larger plates - 12 Dudson cups/mugs - 36 Dudson plates - 36 Dudson larger plates - 12 Porcelite - 6 Simply - 6 Pure White - 6. Unless we have stock of an item it will usually be offered in these 'box quantites'